LX:107 | Every Dimension of Being

Every dimension of being is produced in the wake of the master’s discourse – the discourse of he who, proffering the signifier, expects therefrom one of its link effects that must not be neglected, which is related to the fact that the signifier commands. The signifier is, first and foremost, imperative. 

How is one to return, if not on the basis of a peculiar (spécial) discourse, to a prediscursive reality? That is the dream – the dream behind every conception (idée) of knowledge. But it is also what must be consider mythical. There’s no such thing as a prediscursive reality. Every reality is founded and defined by a discourse. 


Lacan, Jacques. The Seminar of Jacques Lacan Book XX: On Feminine Sexuality: The Limits of Love and Knowledge (Encore 1972-1973).  Trans. Bruce Fink.  Ed. Jacques-Alain Miller. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1998. p. 32.

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